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Stuff We like

Sneakers by Swedish sneaker brand EYTYS (yes, pronounced like the decade).

Drawing inspiration from previous decades, the shoes combine the simple appeal of a plimsoll with luxe fabrics like suede and leather, a cork insole, and waxed shoelaces that give the kicks an exaggerated silhouette that seems to be all the rage with youth-oriented brands these days.


The Coolest Kid

Alia Wang, the niece of Designer Alexander Wang.


Stuff we like

New Era Södermalm Snapback. Only 30 Pieces made.

Exclusive Caliroots Release.


Stuff We Like

Volta Sound Block, a passive sound amplifier for your iphone - no electronics!


Meet Jenna Lyons, the Woman who dresses America

Jenna  Lyons, Executive Creative Director of J.Crew & Trendsetter.

Read more about her in this NY Times article .


Rashida Jones in “Our Idiot Brother”


Hippest Couple Right Now

Jack Antonoff (guitarist of FUN.) and Lena Dunham (Actress, Filmmaker and Creator of “Girls”).


Viva Vena! x Lizzy Caplan

A funny short fashion film by Matthew Frost for the fashion label Viva Vena! starring actress Lizzy Caplan.


Stuff We like

Audio Cassette Anatomy

(via powerful-art)

The Heritage Post

Magazin für Herrenkultur…new magazine for all the male hipsters out there. Get more info here.


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