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VOID - Time for a change #1 from Void Cycling on Vimeo.

VOID - Time for a change #1 from Void Cycling on Vimeo.

VOID cycling - Time for a change.

Thje swedish brand just released a new video teasing their new collection of cycling gear. For more info go to


RAPHA reviews the best rides of the pro cycling season 2013

The number one spot goes to Tony Martin’s historic breakaway at La Vuelta on stage 6.

Check the other winners here.


Cinelli Laser Nostra Limited Edition

Prototype for RED


Adidas Journeys -Südtirol

Follow a breathtaking cycling tour of Italy’s Südtirol Dolomites through the eyes of the riders as they embark into the great unknown.

watch the trailer @



A Glimpse at The Deus Ex Machina Store & Cafe in Milan

Streetwear, Surfing, Cycling and Bikes

More Info here


Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong

Ben Foster will play Lance Armstrong in an upcoming Biopic by Stephen Frears (“High Fidelity, “The Queen”,…).


Chris Froome’s new Car

Jaguar Team Sky F-Type


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Tour de France 2013


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