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Der Kommissar

is Austrian flair in Brooklyn! “Der Kommissar offers a Brooklyn twist on an Austrian institution, the Würstelstand. Sausage stands in Vienna are far more than glorified hotdog carts, they are the nexus of food culture. Rather than taking their food to go, patrons tend to hang around, have a beer, and interact socially. Featuring a menu of artisanal Austrian-style sausages, eight draft beers, and an extensive selection of schnapps. Der Kommissar brings a little bit of Vienna to 5th Ave.” also in collaboration with the “open source gallery”. visit it at "" (MA)

BierBeisl Los Angeles

Two things that normally wouldn’t go together, a Bierbeisl and Los Angeles. But we are wrong. Austrian chef Bernhard Mairinger just opened BierBeisl in the heart of Beverly Hills. After successfully working for Patina for some time he finally opened his own restaurant which serves traditional austrian food. Nothing new for us, but definitely  an enrichment for the LA food scene. For more infos click the picture.


Austrian Cuisine in NYC

Cafe Katja, authentic food in the lower east side.

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