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Teaser for Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

starring Arnold Schwarzenegger


Gap Ad

Waris Ahluwalia and Quentin Jones


Go Pro ad - Firemen save lives!

Great ad for the Go Pro camera. Some people may cry, but there is an happy end!


Nike - “Just do it”

New “Just do it” commercial. Challenge yourself!


Pictures we like!


Volkswagen Super Bowl XLVII Commercial


Mercedes Benz Super Bowl XLVII Commercial

featuring Kate Upton, William Dafoe and Usher.


Samsung Mobile Super Bowl XLVII Commercial

featuring Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan and Bob Odenkirk.


Nike Fuel Band Ad 2013.

Another Fuel Band Ad from Nike. This time the slogan is “We will make it count!”


"Child of the 90ies" Internet Explorer Advertising campaign

Great Advertsing!


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