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Cope 2 x Shepard Fairey


Street Art We like

A Obey Piece by Shepard Fairey and a Piece by Broken Fingaz from Tel Aviv.

Vienna, Kirchengasse



Street Art We like

New Obey Piece by Shepard Fairey in Vienna, Zeismannsbrunngasse


New Shepard Fairey mural in Vienna!

As part of the art festival “Cash, Cans & Candy” Shepard Fairey was in Vienna. One of the murals he did live in front of an audience, can be seen at the Ankerbrotfabrik!


Street Art we Like


Shepard Fairey x Ink Cards

In the USA Election Day 2012 is approaching!


Reworked Obama sticker.

New face, new meaning. Person displayed: HC Strache.

Seen in Vienna.

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